Ben Kulbertis

Software Dev / Ops Automation

Irvine, CA, USA

Hey! I'm Ben.

I automate video operations at Amazon IVS/Twitch in Irvine, CA. A Linux terminal junkie at heart, I write software in Go and Python that lets our operators spend less time looking up terminal commands and more time fixing problems. Utilizing AWS services such as Lambda and Step Functions our automation responds to anomalies in our infrastructure across our diverse server fleet. We leverage IaC technologies like Terraform and CDK to rapidly develop and deploy infrastructure in AWS regions around the world. Prior to Twitch I helped develop the SLATE research platform, a Kubernetes-based service layer with a multi-institutional federated edge deployment architecture. I developed MiniSLATE, a Docker Compose based development environment for creating Helm charts for SLATE that utilized a unique Kubernetes-in-Docker architecture. Outside of software dev I'm also interested in the gaming industry, economics/finance, and many types of music. If you'd like to chat, drop me a line at See you around!