Ben Kulbertis

Full Stack Web Developer and Technology Enthusiast

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Hey! I'm Ben.

I'm a young web developer living in Salt Lake City, Utah. I'm currently interesting in writing web applications using and . is frickin' sweet. I'm still a big fan of though HTML5 & CSS3 are great and let me write less of it. , , and (currently my favorite preprocessor) make writing quality CSS fun and easy. I also love Linux and System Administration. I run on my personal machines and just about any server as well. It's mostly because are incredibly convenient and Ubuntu is pretty darn stable. and are nice as well, but more bleeding edge. Some of the server technologies I'm familiar with are the and web servers, the and databases, and , just to name a few I like. I love scripting in Bash for simple tasks and automation but I use in the console wherever I can because . Zsh has integration capabilities for , which is really useful for keeping track of which branch you're on and whether or not the branch is clean without running commands. Virtual Machines are really important to me. I love having access to any software I need at any time as well as the ability to snapshot and revert entire environments. is some amazing open source software, especially with for development. Follow me on to get to know me personally!

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