Ben Kulbertis

Development and Operations Engineer

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Hey! I'm Ben.

I'm a dev/ops engineer living in Salt Lake City, Utah. My current interests include deployment and architecture utilizing containers, especially with Kubernetes. I'm currently helping develop the SLATE research platform, a Kubernetes-based service layer with a multi-institutional federated edge deployment architecture. I developed MiniSLATE, a Docker Compose based development environment for creating Helm charts for SLATE. Turns out Docker-in-Docker works pretty well as Kubernetes-in-Docker so we've been able to realize the advantages of a containerized development environment. Prior to my work on SLATE I worked on web deployment and provided platform administration to web services at the University of Utah. I took an aging architecture to a more modern and scalable state thanks to an architecture redesign and Puppet, allowing orchestrating of website provisioning and migrations. While I've been behind a terminal almost every day for the last 10 years I'm glad I spend a lot less time provisioning servers that way. We also saw great improvements running a cluster for MySQL databases and caching/load balancing requests. We saw more than a 50% drop in required resources to serve our users. I really enjoy writing code as well in my free time (perhaps one reason I love Infrastructure as Code). Most days you'll catch me writing Python (or Bash ;), but I've written/contributed to projects in Javascript/NodeJS, Ruby (with Rails), Java, and PHP. I'm also interested in cryptocurrency, the gaming industry, and indie music. If any of my interests interest you, drop me a line at See you around!