Ben Kulbertis

Development and Operations Engineer

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Hey! I'm Ben.

I'm a dev/ops engineer living in Salt Lake City, Utah. I'm currently working at Twitch developing and maintaining tooling and infrastructure for video operations. At Twitch I've been able to further my knowledge of global infrastructure best practices and operations demands associated with that. I also have the opportunity to regularly improve my development skills, lately with emphasis on infrastructure as code. Prior to Twitch I helped develop the SLATE research platform, a Kubernetes-based service layer with a multi-institutional federated edge deployment architecture. I developed MiniSLATE, a Docker Compose based development environment for creating Helm charts for SLATE that utilized a unique Kubernetes-in-Docker architecture. I'm very interested in the development to scalable deployment pipeline, with past experience in Puppet and CI/CD pipelines. Currently I am utilizing Terraform quite a bit to orchestrate and codify AWS infrastructure, especially with Elastic Container Service (ECS). I love the command line and quick and useful scripts. I'm proficient in Python, Golang, Javscript/Node, and (abeit probably a bit rusty) Java and PHP, whatever the project demands. I'm also interested in the gaming industry in general, economics/finance, and many types of music. If any of my interests interest you, drop me a line at See you around!